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We just finished the migration to a more powerful server . This one will be able to handle all the things that Waves-NG will bring .

Total downtime was 30 seconds .

VPS with dedicated hardware :
CPU Xeon X5670
MEM 4 x 8GB (32GB)
OS Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
Bandwidth Unlimited

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Since Fountainperpetua is going to quit operating their leasing server , the leasing landscape is changing a bit . Looks like some of their leasers started their own node . So we dropped to #7 for now . Once Fountainperpetua completely stops their leasing activities , we’ll be back to #6 .
Let’s hope the leasing landscape spreads out a bit more though , because right now the top 2 nodes forge like 80% of all blocks . Which makes it hard to call Waves a decentralized network .. .

23.18 of Waves paid

Have fun riding the Bluemagic Waves !

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The chainsplit which happened this week due to a bug in the difficulty algorythm , combined with a forced rollback of the blockchain , is causing this week’s payout to be slightly lower than usual . Most nodes have been updated to the latest version , so let’s hope this is permanently fixed now .

11.3155 of Waves paid

Have fun riding the Bluemagic Waves !

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I didn’t think i would ever have to use this yellow image again , but it has happened .
Waves network experienced a chainsplit (yes , again) . Everyone had to update their node to v0.8.11 and rollback to block 823712 .

A lot of nodes have not done so and are now forging on the forked chain , creating no rewards to their leasers . So if you lease to any of these nodes , i suggest moving your lease to an updated node (preferably a smaller node to decentralize the network) .

List of the topnodes that are missing blocks right now :
List of forked nodes

You can see an updated list on http://dev.pywaves.org/generators .

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Wishing all our leasers a happy , healthy prosperous New Year !

As mentioned in my tweet earlier this week , Waves team has stopped distributing MRT from the moment Waves-NG got activated . They say this is intended and not a temporary thing .
Luckily we see a lot more transactions than before on the network , and thus a lot more Waves fees .

Another thing that has changed in NG is the block reward . 40% of the reward goes to the node that mines the block , 60% goes to the subsequent node that mines the next block . You can read about it here : Waves-NG Wiki . This means payout scripts had to be changed to calculate the right awards .
Don’t worry though as Bluemagic still pays out 100% of all the Waves rewards we receive (whether it be the direct reward for forging a block or the indirect reward for forging the next block) .

30.2565 of Waves paid

Have fun riding the Bluemagic Waves in 2018 !

TAGS: #bluemagic, #wavesplatform, $WAVES

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