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The (double) payout for both servers has been done . Only leasers on the new server/lpos address are getting full 100% payouts !!

Around 25% of leasers have moved to the new server , which is shockingly low in my opinion given the fact that we communicated the change on several levels :
– twitter
– website
– blog
– newsletter
– multiple channels in waves discord
– bluemagicwaves telegram
– attachment field in payout transaction

on top of that we lowered the payout over a period of several weeks by 20% on the old server to draw attention and to incentivise moving over .

To people who are still leasing to the old server on date 20180603 :
1- please move to the NEW server asap
2- leases on the OLD server will not receive any payouts after today (today’s payment of 20% will be the last one)
3- after a few weeks from now the OLD server will be shut down completely and your lease will not support the waves network anymore

For the new LPOS address see our homepage .

The amount of leasers on the OLD server/lpos address : 452 .
The amount of leasers on the NEW server/lpos address : 116 .

Thank you all for supporting the waves network and have fun riding the Bluemagic Waves !