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The (double) payout for both servers has been done .
Can I advise everyone that is still leasing to the old server , to move their lease to the new server (see LPOS address on our homepage) .
This week the people leasing to the old server only got a 60% payout (This is done to incentivize moving over to the new server and LPOS address , read more about it in a previous blogpost) .
Only the leasers on the new server/lpos address are getting the full 100% payouts !!

The amount of leasers on the OLD server/lpos address : 472 .
The amount of leasers on the NEW server/lpos address : 77 .

Lots of leasers still have to move 🙂

I also notice that every day a few new leasers start leasing to the old server/lpos address .
I know Waves team is VERY slow in changing our info on their leasing page, but don’t start leasing to the old address please . I opened a ticket with waves teams weeks ago to change our address to the new one , sent them a dozen of reminders , but sadly it’s still unchanged .
The only correct address is mentioned on our own website . If you want to lease and find other addresses on 3rd party websites , don’t use these addresses .

Thank you all for the support and have fun riding the Bluemagic Waves !