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How to Lease my Waves to your full node ?
Make sure you have your Waves in a wallet where you control the private key (download the latest official version here) .
After you have your Waves securely stored in your Waves Lite Client , choose the Lease tab (‘L’ icon) and enter our full node address into the field called “recipient address” : 3PBLuEzWkANpFJV9QkCKKqfNCyYoDvBSx4x .
As amount you set your regular amount that is shown on the same screen minus 1 and round that number down . So if you have 2485.4 Waves , you would set 2484 to lease .po
Leave the fee on the standard value and press the Lease button .
Once the lease is registered on the blockchain (one minute later) , you need to wait 1000 blocks (approximately 20 hours) for them to start to generate blocks. That’s when your lease starts to generate profit. If you wish to cancel, you can do it from the same section in the Waves Lite Client .

Will I lose control of my funds as a Leaser ?
With LPOS (Leased Proof Of Stake) leasing to our node you will still be in full control over your Waves. We do not hold your private keys and you can cancel your lease at any time .

Why payout every week ?
Paying out more often (fex. Every day) means a much bigger portion of your reward will be spend on transaction fees , lowering your netto income . But on the other hand , we don’t think leasers want to wait 2 weeks for a payout either . So settling for weekly payouts (± every 10 000 blocks) is a good compromise.

Will I lose a payout when i cancel my Lease with another Node ?
You will get paid out up to the point in time where you cancelled the lease . So no , you will not lose a full payout cycle of another node by cancelling .

Do I pay a fee to the Node ?
No fee is paid, you get 100% of your rewards and 100% of your MRT (Miner Reward Tokens).

Why Blue Magic ?
Affiliated with crypto investment fund Blue Magic Capital (www.bluemagic.info) . We tend to pick good long term crypto projects and invest in them . Yes you’ve read that right investing , not trading . All of the Blue Magic Portfolio’s currently contain a position in WAVES .

Can I Lease while keeping my Waves on an exchange ?
This can not be done . Either use the official online or offline waves wallets in order to lease . Personally I always use offline versions for extra safety .

Will I receive WCT (Waves Community Token) while lending to your node ?
Yes . WCT is distributed until 4th of september 2017 to all users who have WAVES in their waves lite wallets . You can safely lease your waves and you’ll still receive the WCT drops .
Keeping your WAVES on an exchange however will not make you eligible for WCT drops .

Why is there a 1000 block wait before my lease starts to generate income ?
The WAVES network has implemented this to discourage “node hopping” where people who lease to a node that just found a block , would immediately drop their current lease and start to lease to another node (hop) . Just because at that point another node has a slightly higher chance of forging the next block .

I am a token creator and I’m looking for a way to airdrop tokens to a real userbase .
Contact us . We might also add your token to the accepted fees list in the configuration of our node .

More questions regarding the WAVES platform ?
Check out the official Waves website : wavesplatform.com/about.html or Contact us .