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Ok everyone , we have moved to another hoster (DigitalOcean) . Not only did we move hoster and server , but we also changed our LPOS address .
I know it’s a little inconvenient for our leasers because everyone will have to re-lease to the new LPOS address . Cancel your lease to the old LPOS address and re-lease to our new address (see homepage) ending in Sx4x . DO NOT lease to the old address anymore which ends with “cULC” .

The reason why we moved hoster AND LPOS address at the same time is because we have reason to suspect that our previous hoster has entered the vps container . Even though we wanted to support zap-hosting , as they were a new starting company with a lot of young people behind it , there is no way we can support them anymore .
Quite a few guys working with them have proven to be mentally unstable/ill , locking and shutting down servers for ANY reason you can think of . The reason can be that they think you have not paid for an imaginary invoice , it can be that your cpu usage peaks a bit too high or whatever . They seem to have no rules to live by , and do not follow basic consumer or privacy laws .
While the server itself was technically 100% stable over the past months , their mindset is not stable . And when they feel like they can shutdown a production server at any given time without any warning or without any proper reasoning behind it .. we had to get out of there ASAP .
They also wont let us delete the VPS container , so that’s the second reason for us to move to another LPOS address .

To get everyone over to the new server we are :
– communicating this on twitter , reddit , telegram , website and newsletter
– adding a message with each payout so people know to re-lease when checking their Waves wallet
– diminish payouts on the old LPOS address with 20% each week (starting 100% on 6th of May and 20% on 3rd of June which will be the last payout on the old LPOS address)

Check the new LPOS address on the frontpage of our website . Cancel your lease in the waves lite client , and re-lease to the new address .

For people that are not yet leasing with us : simply start leasing to the address listed on the homepage .
For the ones already leasing with us : thank you all for supporting the Waves network !