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Help secure the WAVES blockchain and earn income while doing so .
How ? Open your Waves Lite Client , choose Lease tab (‘L’ icon) and lease to our full node address :


↑ ↑ NEW address ↑ ↑

(If you don’t know how to do all this , check out our FAQ section)

100% payout for forged WAVES fees
100% payout for forged MRT tokens (*)

!! While leasing you are still in full control of your WAVES and can cancel the lease at any time !!
Payouts happen every week on Sunday

We are a group of crypto investors and share our portfolio’s with the world . So if you’re interested , check out our 3 different portfolio’s on bluemagic.info . (These are still solid picks , but the portfolio’s aren’t updated anymore on a regular basis) .
Right now we are working on a project that will be able to do more : follow market swings , ratings for ICO’s , important articles , long term picks . It’s called Mangoresearch

On your mark . Get set … Lease !


(*) Waves team has stopped distributing MRT to all nodes starting from 20171222