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How to stake Waves ?
1.Open the online Waves wallet . (there is also a possibility to use the app which you can download at the same link https://waves.exchange)
2. Click on Investments
3. In the middle of the page click on “Stake Waves”
4. Next to your balance , again on “Stake Waves”
5. From the list on the left choose “BlueMagicWaves”
Or , enter our staking address manually if you want to : 3PBLuEzWkANpFJV9QkCKKqfNCyYoDvBSx4x
6. Fill in the Amount of Waves you want to stake (preferably “MAX”)
7. Click on Stake Waves in the bottom right
8. Done ! Enjoy your weekly upcoming earnings which will be paid to your waves wallet every Sunday 🙂

Will I lose control of my funds as a Staker ?
While staking to our node you are still in full control of your Waves. We do not hold your private keys and you can cancel your stake at any time .

Why payout every week ?
Paying out more often (fex. Every day) means a much bigger portion of your reward will be spend on transaction fees , lowering your netto income . But on the other hand , we don’t think stakers want to wait 2 weeks for a payout either . So settling for weekly payouts (± every 10 000 blocks) is a good compromise.

What hardware is your server running on ?
We currently use a server powered by 32GB DDR4 memory , an 8 thread CPU , a 1TB NVME SSD and a 1Gb network connection .

Will I lose a payout when i cancel my stake with another Node ?
You will get paid out up to the point in time where you cancelled the stake . So no , you will not lose a full payout cycle of another node by cancelling .

Why Blue Magic ?
Affiliated with crypto investment fund Blue Magic Capital (www.bluemagic.info) . We tend to pick good long term crypto projects and invest in them . Yes you’ve read that right investing , not trading . All of the Blue Magic Portfolio’s currently contain a position in WAVES .

Can I stake while keeping my Waves on an exchange ?
This can not be done . Either use the official online Waves exchange or offline waves wallets in order to stake . Personally I always use offline versions for extra safety .

Why is there a 1000 block wait before my stake starts to generate income ?
The WAVES network has implemented this to discourage “node hopping” where people who stake to a node that just found a block , would immediately drop their current lease and start to stake to another node (hop) . Just because at that point another node has a slightly higher chance of forging the next block .

More questions regarding the WAVES platform ?
Check out the official Waves website : wavesplatform.com/about.html or Contact us .